RaeGun made a thing for me!

I’ve had Adobe Creative Cloud for a while now. Mostly my partner messes around with image manipulation and I avoid using it because it’s massively OP for what I need. A simple crop and filter will do me fine.

Recently though, I’ve been fiddling around with it in order to create an icon for this blog – a stylised version of my initals that will appear on browser tabs and such. Illustrator would have been preferable but you’ve got to work with what you got. Except it didnt’t work and I relinquished my dreams of a career in Graphic Design and asked a friend to help.

RaeGun, in their own words a “non-shibari” rope artist/ art wanker has made an icon for me on Gimp. It was exactly what I imagined in my head and I’m writing this post to say thank you to them for doing so. Here’s a bigger version below: