A New Blog!

I have started a new blog on Medium! I’m going to use it for posts about software development, but I’ll still be posting here too.

My first article, And That’s Okay, went live last week. My current plan is to do a series of posts about coding, mental health, and meditation, so here’s to some more frequent posting in the coming months.

Monday Mope

For whom *do* the bells toll?

One of my favourite books is This is All by Aidan Chambers. It is about many things and does its aboutness in a variety of different mediums and narrative techniques, but chiefly it is, as the subtitle reveals, The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn. I could go on about it for a long time (and at no doubt some point I will), but today I want to borrow one of Cordelia’s (Chambers’?) ideas and write “a mope.”

Maybe it will become a thing. The alliteration appeals to me; ‘Monday Musing’ is far too blog-cliché and ‘Monday Meditation/ Mindfulness’ is not very me at the moment. So Monday Mope it is.

For those who haven’t read This is All, a mope is a not-good-enough poem. Not good enough for whom, one might ask? It’s a mystery. All I know is that ‘A Shitty Monday Poem’ didn’t have quite the same alliterative effect. Then again, perhaps more compelling to read? Though as I recall, Cordelia wasn’t all that keen on people actually reading her mopes…

Incidentally, I named my laptop Cordelia. Because things that are important should have names. My then-partner R. nicknamed Cordelia ‘Cordless’, presumably an ironic reference to the fact that the battery was so shot that five seconds without a mains connection would leave it dead. I look after my tech better now.

But, anyway, I’m digressing massively. And using A-game displacement tactics to avoid writing what I came here to write. Nothing for it. Here goes.

You took hold of something inside me. 
Spiritual string, sun-rope, that strung me, a Damoclean body, to the ceiling of the cosmos.

You took hold of something inside me and pulled down.

I fell through worlds as my knees gave way to the ground that no longer could support the weight of what I know.

You took hold of something inside me and tugged downwards.

And I toll like a boat's big bell as you lead me to safe passage.