Sneaking around with, well, around myself…

This whole bringing my writing out to world lark has been a bit scary. So scary in fact, that I’ve successfully avoided doing it for almost three months. I have been writing, every day, but privately (as private as a Google doc can ever be).

But I’m back now and I’ll be writing again and hopefully writing every day. The trick, I’ve decided, is to do the first draft on my phone during my commute so I can pretend I’m just going to be writing to my omniscient Alphabetic overlord, but then as soon as I’m home, I’ll do a sneaky CNTRL+C on the doc and paste the contents of my mind here (filtered and treated contents, of course).

I’ve got to be subtle about it. There’s no other way. I may be honest to a fault, but I’ve found that when taking my own brain to task, there’s no other option than sneaking.