Well here goes…

My very first post on my very first blog! It has been a long time coming and has taken a lot of planning and research, but finally I am here, putting my words out on the internet. Needless to say i’m pretty excited about sharing my thoughts/ feels/ daily goings on here, as well as the endless number of projects I have on the go simultanously.

One of which, is this blog. I’m currently using the SoloLearn app for Android to teach myself HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and, of course, PHP, the coding language that powers WordPress blogs. So I’m at the very beginning of my coding journey too.

The plan is to write a little every day, and to gradually start sharing the things I’m doing with my audience of, well currently no one, as I’ll get a few posts behind me before I let friends and family know about my desperate need for attention and validation.

Or, in words adapted from my best friend’s favourite t-shirt (pictured below), maybe if this blog is witty enough, someone will finally let me work for them.

T-shirt reads "Maybe if this shirt is witty enough someone will finally love me.